Qrty portret

Jakub Q.rty Fuksa was born in 1986. He comes from Ostrava city, which is located in the Czech Republic in the heart of Europe.

To work with sound came through his friend at thirteen, who showed him the first editing software and virtual instruments. From the beginning it was just a mere exploring options and features of various programs and software virtual instruments.

With affection in electronic music with Q.rty he began venturing into his own musical accomplishments and creating music became his passion, as well as the whole issue of sound processing and design. For his greatest achievements over time is considered the composition of the soundtrack for the PC game Planet Nomads, cooperation with The Squirm band, release on Deafmuted label and creating music for the game Ninja Temple and Ghoat vs Zombies.

Today Q.rty in his studio Busty Dust devoted to composing electronic music, composing music for games, sound design, make recording, mixing and mastering. Q.rty emphasis on their improvement and is ready to face the next music/sound challenges.